31 Calendar Fundraising Winners

We will be announcing the daily winners of the “31″ Calendar Fundraiser on this page. Check back daily for updates. Winners will be called by the “31″ Consultant, Angela Steigerwalt, to arrange for the prize to be awarded. Congratulations and thank you for supporting Jim Thorpe Football!

Oct. 1 – Laura Holloway
Oct. 2 – Joanne Pompa
Oct. 3 – Jennifer Eisenhower
Oct. 4 – Cheryl Herman
Oct. 5 – Jennifer Strauss
Oct. 6 – Audrey Kline
Oct. 7 – Stephanie Boyle
Oct. 8 – Alice Bernhard
Oct. 9 – Kristin O’Donnell
Oct. 10 – Shannon Frycklund
Oct. 11 – Susan Gilliam
Oct. 12 – Tracy Mikolawski
Oct. 13 – Josephine Rodgers
Oct. 14 – Cindi DePue

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